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Self-aware people change the world
The Enneagram enables individuals and organisations to reach
their potential through increased understanding of self and others. 
Self-awareness is a key leadership competency. The Enneagram enables individuals and organisations to reach their potential through increased understanding of self and others. It helps us to better understand our personality and motivations, and how to break free from unconscious habits, behaviours and thought patterns. This leads to better personal and working relationships and improved performance for individuals and teams.

Noble Works is the leading provider of Enneagram workshops and programs in Australia, having worked with 100 organisations and over 6,000 individuals. Through this learning portal we are now able to offer our popular Enneagram programs world-wide. Delivery is flexible with self-paced learning. Whether you are new to the Enneagram or have been working with this powerful tool for some time, there is something for everyone on this portal.

All of our presenters are certified Enneagram teachers who have had significant experience in leadership roles and in working with the Enneagram to bring out the best in their people and clients. All have a passionate belief in the power of the Enneagram for transformational change, personally and professionally.
Director and Senior Enneagram Teacher
Director and Senior Enneagram Teacher
Enneagram Teacher
Enneagram Teacher
Enneagram Teacher


Claudia Häger
General Manager -Jellis Craig Real Estate, Victoria - 2019

“Thank you once again for your time, guidance and brilliant insights. I personally found the seminar incredibly fascinating and there is no doubt, with the knowledge and tools you provided, I will continue to foster and strengthen my relationships, both personally and professional."

"10 out of 10: One of the highest quality of professional development I have ever experienced”.
Wayne Wallis
General Manager - Port Stephens Council, NSW - 2019

"Self-awareness is a key leadership competency and self-aware people transform themselves and their organisations. Rob and Veronica from Noble Works have successfully worked with hundreds of our staff over the past ten years.
Through the use of the Enneagram, they have provided excellent support in increasing self-awareness levels of our people.

They have helped them to better understand how to be at their best more often which, in turn, improves their relationships, behaviours and the performance of the organisation. Through their executive coaching, they have also supported our leadership and supervisory staff to become better leaders and coaches themselves."

"The Enneagram is the most powerful tool I have come across for transformational change."
Clare Stewart
Mayor - Noosa Council,
Queensland - 2020

"Many thanks Rob for facilitating such a great day. I know I certainly got a whole lot out of the day and I am sure my colleagues did as well. It was a fascinating study into ourselves and a great insight to each other.

I think we all have a better understanding of one another and that can only strengthen relationships going forward and make for a more cohesive and productive council."

"It was certainly incredibly worthwhile."
The Noble Works team has worked with over 100 organisations including Google, Federal, State and Local Government as well as numerous private clients.
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